7TH International Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants SIPAM-7 Djerba - Tunisia : May 02-04, 2025


S.I.P.A.M 6 Djerba - Tunisia : March 18-21, 2023


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Medicinal and aromatic plants in many forms have been used since the ancient times in the traditional medicinal practices for health care. Herbal medicines have been used and continue to be used to treat many diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, and depression, in both developed and developing countries. According to WHO, medicinal plants ….

Institut des Régions Arides (IRA)

Laboratory of Pastoral Ecosystems and Valorization of spontanoues plants and microorganisms

Lab reasearch focuses on plant valorization for medicinal and aromatiques especailly sponteoues plants collected from arid and desertic land. Team currently working on the extraction, separation, and chromatographic identification of bioactive molecules of industrial interests. We satrt by optimizations of the extraction methods of bioactive molecules and the elucidation of their biological activities in vivo and in vitro (antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticancer effects.)

Skills and expertise

Medicianl and aromatiques plants, arid and desertic lands,PHYTOCHEMICAL, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography,Polyphenols, Antioxidants, Natural, Biological activity: antibacterial، anticancer, Antioxidants, bioherbicid, bioactivity, plant biochimistry

What is Technology transfer and Exhibition of MAP products sessions?

– Technology transfer sessions: The objective of this session is to provide to the young promoters and to postdoc attending success stories sharing their best career advice and by pushing to overcome obstacles

– Exhibition of MAP products / industrial: An exhibition space will be available to the main stakeholders to present their products (startups, industrial, NGOs, organizations…).

– Parallel sessions are planned according to the initiatives of partners and stakeholders. Sponsors from industry, services, or other organizations, can offer their support to the seminar and can benefit from promotional activities throughout the seminar period.

Our Keynote Speakers

Giuseppe SPANO
University of Foggia, Italy
(Editor-in-Chief : Food Bioscience)
Mathé ÁKOS
FAFSM, Széchenyi István, University Hungary
Patricia RIJO
Lusófona University. Lisbon, Portugal
Uppsala Biomedical Center, Uppsala University, Sweden
Mourad JRIDI
ENIS, University of Sfax, Tunisia
(Academic Editor of International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Journal of Food Quality)
Laura Pistelli
Department of Agricultural, Food and Agro-environmental sciences
Marinella De Leo
Department of Pharmacy University of Pisa (Italy)
Shudong HE
Hefei University of Technology, China (Editorial Board Member: Food Bioscience, Journal of Food Quality)
Ilkay Erdogan Orhan
Gazi University, Ankara (Turkey)
Mahesh Narayan,
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry The University of Texas at El Paso
Zahia Kabouche
University of Mentouri Constantine (Algeria)
Alvaro Viljoen
Tshwane University of Technology, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Editor-in-Chief: Journal of Ethnopharmacology (SOUTH AFRICA)
Ahmed Ali
Faculty at Departement of Life Sciences, University of Mumbai (India)
Douglas Siqueira Chaves
Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Department of Pharmaceutical Science ( Brazil)

Our Partners